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  1. Inventory Item Shows Negative On Commitments

    So any options to do it manually still to replicate this? Also won't the the overcommittment still exist with the 2 orders still existing? Curious.
  2. Inventory Item Shows Negative On Commitments

    Thanks I was going that route and they didn't want to handle that way so I manually was adjusting directly. So no way that route either? Also I'm seeing 2 open lines on 2 orders. Won't the commitment still exist with those still open? Curious.
  3. Problem In Inventory From Apparent Over Commitment

    Hi List - We have an item now in negative availablity, which makes it of course not usable. This is likely from 2 sales order thats posted the same amt for commitment. Some indications was doing the copy of applicable sales order line with the amount in question and then await the scheduled...
  4. Inventory Item Shows Negative On Commitments

    An invenroty item is coming up in negative status availability with a from likely over commit from sales processing. Reportedly the correcting should be provided thru the repost Sales UBE, that reported can fix. But had no impact when it ran late evening. This is likely do any potentially any...