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  1. Dreamwriter data selection version 9.4

    Found it: Because Enhanced Subledger Accounting and Reporting was introduced in A9.3 BUG 12572139 was created and included in A93 to change the Dream Writer data selection fields. The enhanced subledger fields (in the F0911 and other financial files) are 34 characters. DREAM Writer...
  2. Dreamwriter data selection version 9.4

    Hi, Client just upgraded from World 9.2 to 9.4. Nn Dreamwriter version - data selection, users enter "*Values" and an additional screen (Value List) appears for entry of individual selection, i.e. enter address numbers. In the old version they had 3 * 15 lines available in the version list...
  3. Is it possible to sort composed pages

    Hi, I have created a bunch of composed pages and I'm wondering if I can change their sequence, as presented to users on the web client. Thank you.