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  1. Making a Reusable Subform to Notify a specific Child

    Hi vmkmns, I understand your requirement as follows:- You have a Reusable for (SubR) with subform children (SubA and SubB) and you have one more Power Form (say PF) where you have used the SubR resuable form and from the Power Form (PF) you want to call only specific child of the SubR...
  2. Newbie question: Where are JDE Business functions located?

    Hi, This is the URL where you can find information about the JDE Business Functions. Hope this helps.... Cheers, Chintan.
  3. How to display a checkbox in the grid?

    Hi List, I have a requirement to add a flag in the grid in the form of a checkbox. I have tried a few things to make it work but havent achieved any success yet. If anyone of you implemented checkbox on the grid then please do guide me for the same. Thanks in advance,
  4. JDE ER Quick Reference Guide

    Hi List, Sorry for not forgetting to attach the PDF in my previous post...Thanks for reminding me Sheen. Regards, Chintan Zatakia. OW Xe SP23, AS 400/DB2
  5. JDE ER Quick Reference Guide

    Hi List, I have created a Quick Reference Guide of JDE Event Rules for myself. The matter it contains is a PDF copy of the already available CHM version of the Event Rules guide but its more convenient to use according to me. So, thought of sharing it with you all. Its kind of useful for me...
  6. XAPI Subscribe Event

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me or provide me some document about the Form Level event rule "XAPI Subscribe Event". Has anyone used it? I want to know its specific use. Thanks & Regards Chintan Zatakia. JDE OneWorld Xe, SP22.
  7. Displaying Image on UBE

    Hi all, Can anybody tell me whether we can display any image(i.e. any logo or signature) on the report output.If yes,is it possible through Media Objects or is there some other way to do so. Thanks in advance, Chintan OneWorld Xe,SP22
  8. Problems in sending E-Mails

    Hi, For sending e-mails through JDE first you need to configure the JDE.INI file. Below is a sample JDE.INI file configured for email [JDEMAIL] mailProfile="Lotus Notes Mail" mailserver=SMTP Mail Server IP Address(202.144.XX.XX) Rule1=90|OPT|MAILSERVER=202.144.XX.XX...
  9. demo 8.11

    Hi, I have installed Demo 8.11 successfully and can also provide you the document guiding to the step-by-step installation of the same....... Prefer 811 Standalone Installation_Oracle file Regards, Chintan, Technical Consultant OneWorld Xe.
  10. Help regarding PSFT E811

    Hello All, We have newly installed PSFT E811 in our organisation and i need some reference material for the details about new FORM TYPES added in PSFT E811,new features,functional docs,PPTs,PDFs etc...... Thanks in advance, Chintan. Technical Consultant OneWorld Xe