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    Chrome Extension to Import list of values in Data Selection - JDE 9.1.5 | JDE 9.2

    Hello guys, I know this is an old thread but I am hoping one of you can help me, as you Internet Explorer is fading out and I am looking for the appropiate web browser to user E1 and neither chrome/edge work well for me well mainly because when working a grid that I need to look for information...
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    Purchase Order Approval

    Jay, At the did you finally get to set up the approval review correctly to the users?
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    STOT Transfer Orders

    I work as JDE Mfg BA for several manufacturing facility and we constantly use ST/OT but the main usage of this merely to make transfer of good from one point to another, the doc type depends greatly if it is a internal movement to other mfg facilities or dc's. In my experience you can not...