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    E9.2 Advanced Payment Terms 90 Days EOM + 2 Days

    Please try as follow within "Due Date Revision": * Months to add 3 * Form - "Date Range" * From 1 to 2 = Fixed days 2 * From 3 to 31 = Fixed days 2 / Months to add 1 Kind regards, Carlo
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    Advanced Pricing and F4201.SHTRDC "Trade Discount" field

    Hi JDElist, I noticed when F4201.SHTRDC "Trade Discount" field is used this is bypassing / overriding Advanced Pricing logic (no matter of "Pricing Constants" setup). Essentially we have F4211.SDAEXP "Extended Price" recalculated by using "List Price" (LPRC) minus "Trade Discount", as a...
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    F0411 Direct Update caused "Processing..." the Supplier Voucher Entry Screen

    Hello Rauf, maybe you need to have your update "in transaction". I hope it would be sufficient to have an "open" TableIO statement (with "transaction" flag checked) before and a "close" TableIO statement after your update TableIO statament. Kind regards, Carlo
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    Batch Details Not Posting

    Hi Jeff, this can happen when you are running row security (for example for F0911 table) and posting UBE (R09801) is able to access batch header (F0011) but cannot read / write details. Kind regards, Carlo
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    Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch Failed error

    Hi Neal, the reason why I did test F4008 - P4008 - R40081 standard objects is indeed because I saw lots of posting talking about table definition / virtual tables. Thus this is not my case (in my previous email I wrote "for debug purpose only"). Again: it's a test. I don't need indeed to...
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    Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch Failed error

    Thank you Neal for your help but my issue is not linked to BSVW objects with table join in different datasources. I'm talking about a single table / single BSVW in a different datasource. This is because the "main" datasource is on Oracle DB and the additional datasource is a Microsoft SQL...
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    Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch Failed error

    Hi Neal, yes, the issue is with an additional datasource. OCM mapping seems to me ok for both "system" and "Server Map". Kind regards, Carlo
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    Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch Failed error

    Thank you for your answer Zuke, I know "Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch failed" is pretty generic but: * The error number (ODBC0000180) is exactly the same reported by Tet (ok, it's a 2002 thread). * The system behaviour is exactly the same reported by Tet: everything ok using interactive...
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    Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch Failed error

    Hello Tet, I'm experiencing the same issue: 5208/4916 ODBC_P1.C1601 ODB0000180 - Multi-row SQLExtendedFetch failed in Table(1st) Fxxxx Database YYYYYY OW Xe + SP24. It sounds like an issue with ODBC at server level because the UBE works correctly on a fat-client. Can you recall how did...
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    Embedded BI-Publisher numeric precision

    Hi List, I have a problem running a BI-Publisher report I cannot reproduce via BI-Publisher Desktop: when I'm going to print "big numbers" (milion) I get exponential notation regardless of formatting layout. In other words: I can print a number like 345.234,45 but 2.285.268,00 is printed as...
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    Fixed Assets, creating Asset Master by posting G/L to F/A, responsible bu?

    Hi Petter, If you are trying to add new FA master records (F1201) via R12800 and FA AAI I think you cannot specify 2 different MCUs in your incoming F0911 record. In other words: you are posting an F0911 record representing "Cost Account", thus balance sheet Business Unit. How the system can...
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    Generate XML File?

    Thank you Peter, yes I know Unix behave differently but here I'm not running JDE within a Unix server. It seems to me the difference is between XRCS APIs and embedded BI-Publisher: with the first one no CR&LF at all. In order to add CR&LF I found the following tricks: 1. Use XML Notepad...
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    'F0911 End Document' always set Batch Status to 'U- In Use'

    In order to update and close F0011 this is an example of code I'm using: BatchReviseOnExit(B0000008.BatchReviseOnExit) RV BatchNo_ICU [ICU] -> mnBatchNumber [ICU] RV BatchType_ICUT [ICUT] -> szBatchType [ICUT] "A" -> cPreviousBatchStatus [EV01] "1" -> cFLAGBatchStatus [EV02]...
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    Generate XML File?

    Hi Craig, I'm currently using B74XML01 which is indeed using XRCS_serializeDocumentToFileWithEncoding API, but I noticed the output XML file does not have any CR-LF. In other words: opening the XML file with Notepad++ I can see just 1 line, even though all validations seems correct (I'm...
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    Update F41021 Table

    Hi Samukelo, I would also suggest to have a look at Oracle Support site, for example: E1: 40: Manual Rollback Process of Item Location (F41021) File (P42210/R42210) (Doc ID 625445.1) There is a standard procedure in order to have F4211 (and other transactional tables) consistent with F41021...