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    So Long and Thanks for All The Help

    Good luck to you Peter. Your valuable insights, help and familiar avatar will be missed.
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    E9.0 Amend existing SO line to recreate F4074

    It may appear to do the trick on the surface but table I/O on F4211, especially changing the item number, is not a good idea. You may get lucky and item A and B are IDENTICAL in every conceivable way other than the actual item number - then it might work. Otherwise you may have GL issues when...
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    E9.0 Amend existing SO line to recreate F4074

    First off, you can't change ITM on a sales order line. You have to cancel the line and create a new one if you want a new item number. Your best bet would be to mimic this in P42101, capture the debug logs and reverse engineer what to pass to F4211FSEditLine, F4211FSEditLinePreProcess...
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    E9.2 Enable Grid Column

    Glad you bound the problem, and thanks for reporting back.
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    E9.2 Select on BSVW with outer join causes memory leak

    Not sure if it is related since this is on the JAS server but we have an SR open with JAS generating mal-formed SQL statements when the query times out and is re-issued with the NOLOCK qualifier. It has since become less of an issue since we have effectively disabled the whole timeout/re-issue...
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    E9.2 Select on BSVW with outer join causes memory leak

    Hmmm concerning. Thanks for the heads up. Have you logged an SR with Oracle? This is probably going to be one of those SRs thats going to be hard to get Oracle to admit they have a problem. We just upgraded to 9.2, about to go live next week. We have a quite a few BSFNs that do table I/O...
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    E9.2 Time Calculate

    You may want to look into the UTC (jdeUTime) time APIs. Using jdeUTime_AdvanceTime you can roll the time foward/back like you want which should also handle the dates for you as well.
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    E9.2 Enable Grid Column

    There may be pristine code some place else that is disabling it after you enable it. A search through ER code for that field may not provide any additional insight because it may not be that exact field, there may be code that disables all columns on the row, then selectively re-enables them...
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    E9.2 General purpose credentials storage in JDE

    Is there a general purpose place to store usernames and passwords, with the password encrypted that can be easily retrieved in a BSFN? For example we have the Soft Coding application P954000 where we can store various information including credentials for use in Business Services that can...
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    P4210 F4211 End Doc Question

    If you determine it is an async thing and you want to keep your current design of updating the tables after EndDoc writes to them. Create a wrapper function around EndDoc that calls EndDoc and then does your table updates, then call your wrapper from P4210 that way you can preserve async...
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    E9.2 WorkTable data delete on UKID and UPMJ

    C BSFN and JDEBASE APIs give you a lot more flexibility and can do what you are trying to do.
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    P4210 F4211 End Doc Question

    I would be very careful about making a global setting change in the jas.ini to fix one application and I certainly wouldn't want to disable transaction processing. Also this seems to reference P42101 not P4210.
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    Visual Studio 2013 Add-in to display JDE E1 Data Types correctly when debugging.

    I have also put this on github. Refer to the github repo for any changes. https://github.com/brian-oster/jde-types-vs-visualizer
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    Automatic Validation of LOTN

    I don't think a display rule will, you will want to use an Edit Rule on the DD item and throw an error.
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    P4210 F4211 End Doc Question

    Are you trying to update the order after EndDoc? Two things to keep in mind. EndDoc may be running Async (as it seems like you are aware from your post) and Transaction Processing may be on for P4210 and EndDoc may be within the TP boundary and changes not yet committed to the DB so if you are...