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    E9.0 F4211 ClearWorkFile problem

    Locally or on server? If locally, try doing a full busbuild with the clean option. If on server try doing a full build. You should get a log with a call stack dump that should give you a better idea of what is causing the seg fault. If you can reproduce locally, debug the function to see...
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    Launch Chrome by default from Web Dev Client - TR9.2.4.1

    It is. We have two JDE instances, one we just upgraded to the latest TR and on it it will launch the default browser which for us is Chrome.
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    E9.2 Quality how does the UDC description 2 work for alphanumeric tests

    I think you are going to have to expand a little more on your question and explain what you are trying to accomplish. UDC validation simply looks to see if the selected value is a code in the list of codes for the UDC. If there is validation on description 2 for a given UDC that is most likely...
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    E9.2 Subform Suppress Find issue

    I have a Power Browse with an embedded Reusable Edit Subform. The Subform is linked to a business view with a data bound grid with the QBE line enabled and a standard Find button added to the Subform header. Entering a value(s) in the QBE line and hitting the enter key on the keyboard while...
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    E9.0 JDE XML payload has wrong values for larger approval amounts

    Have you debugged the BSSV and inspected the payload from the BSFN? Have you debugged the BSFN that invokes the BSSV?
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    E9.0 Retrieving warning message set BSFN using jdeSetGBRError at application level

    There are C APIs that can interrogate the error list so you could look for a specific error ID and act accordingly. Have done several different things like that. Look at: cloneServerErrorList (and related).
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    E9.2 How we can pass Processing Option to a UBE2 called from UBE1 during runtime

    I think a report interconnect (RI) is about the only way to do this at run-time and pretty straight forward (set PO var =RI var). I assume that you are trying to avoid modifying R09600?
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    E9.2 Download all JDE DD Items in Excel

    Kinda curious about that myself.
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    E9.2 9.2 Call JDE Function from REST API

    Agree with jdecoder. The out of the box solution and the easiest is with Orchestrator. This is what we do. We used to wrap BSFNs with BSSV but BSSV only supports SOAP unfortunately (for published BSSVs).
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    E9.2 Can a local development client serve XMLInterop (XMLCallObject)?

    Too my knowledge I don't think it is possible????? I would be very happy if someone proves me wrong. It would be nice if this was possible, would have saved me a lot of debugging on the server over the years.
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    E9.2 Sort Dates Earliest to Latest

    If you ultimately need the list of dates in ER code you will need to store the array of dates in memory (allocated by the C BSFN) and then create some kind of iterator function to be called from ER code... this is because ER doesn't have any type of array construct. So, in C BSFN you will have...
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    E9.2 A method to get the first and last day (in date) when the input is the month

    Are you wanting the date as in 2/1 and 2/28 (or 2/29)? Or are you wanting the day as in Monday, Tuesday, etc. JDEDATE date = [init date to passed month and year and nDay = 1]; //ex: 2/1/2020 int nDayBeg, nDayEnd; nDayBeg = DayOfTheWeek(&date); //0=Sunday, 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, etc...
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    Standalone 9.2 installation

    I believe IE is hard coded until apx. TR9.2.5.3 at which point it will launch the default browser. We have two JDE instances, one at TR9.2.5.3 which launches Chrome (the default browser) and one at TR9.2.4.3 which still launches IE.
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    E9.2 Simple Set User Selection - From Date To Date - DEMO

    Run with debug logging turned on and you should get the generated SQL which may give you some clues.
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    E9.1 Can we create Transfer order using Standard BSSV?

    I have not used any pristine BSSVs, always developed custom ones. I would suggest trying to see what happens. Probably most important thing would be to specify a P4210 version that is configured for transfer orders. If it doesn't work you could always develop your own. We have a bunch of...