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  1. How to display a checkbox in the grid?

    Dear All, I just happened to have similar Requirement and found these refinements and ideas; In grid column properties under "General" tab "Display style" select check box. This works only on thin client though. On FAT client it doesn't look like a check box. It showed me as a normal field...
  2. Retrieving 2nd Text from the Media Object.

    Generally we do find a Media Object System Function which we can use to retrieve the Attached Text. But by default it retrives only the 1st Text. Any idea how do we retrieve the 2nd Text Attached based on GTITNM?? I am specifically looking an option for "GT4201A". Do we have any BSFN where we...
  3. Printing Media object

    Hi Can i have the BSFN mailed to Thanks in Advance.