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  1. how to apply Security faster?

    Hi All, Wish you all a very Happy New Year!! We are getting ready for rollout and are working on applying security. I wanted to know if there is faster way to apply security.. may be something like export/import or SQL INSERT statements. Going to security matrix and apply one-by-one for each...
  2. JDE Services crash on AS400

    Hi All, We have setup on AS400 (V7r1) with LPARs (one for Non production and second for production). System library is on Production LPAR. Non-prod lpar we have DV, PY and UAT environment. When I try to start services for UAT, kernel crashes immediately with following errors: 73442/2220...
  3. LDAP and security kernel failures

    Hi All, I have similar situation with one of the customer. Setup information: AS400 OS V7R1 E1 9.1 TR 9.1.3 I have restart services in order to get rid of this issue. It is multi-foundation setup. We do not have trusted node setting in JDE.INI files. So, setup is picking up from system. In...
  4. list of all objects in Row and Form Exit bar

    Hi All, Is there a way to find list of all objects being used in Row and Form Exit bar? Thanks in advance! E1 8.11SP1,, V6R1, WAS7
  5. Rollback Package

    Hi All, Can someone please suggest how to rollback deployed package? Thanks, Rohit 8.11Sp1,, AS400
  6. Pristine environment

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest how we can restore/recreate Pristine environment? App Release: 8.11 Sp1. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Language in menu

    Hi, Can someone please help how to setup menus in webclient in different language? For example,there are three menus a,B and C. user X should be able to see menu a in english, b in spanish. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks, Arny. 8.11 SP1, 8.98.4,AS400
  8. Visual Studio version

    Hi All, We are on OneWorld Xe SP24.1.2. Windows 2003 server with Visual Studio 2005. Fat Client is on Windows XP. Now we are planning to move to Windows 7 and then later on Windows 2008. As per MTR, Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is support for Windows 7. Can anyone please advise if we can two...
  9. Lot creation

    Hi Frosty, Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please explain it little more? Where at Item Master/Branch level is it defined? Is there any batch job execute to create lot#? Thanks, Rohit
  10. Lot creation

    Hi All, Can anyone please help me to know how and when lot ID is created in JDE? Thanks in advance!! Thanks, Rohit OneWorld Xe, Unix Oracle, Citrix
  11. spec merge

    Hi All, Can anyone please advise if there is possibility to update the specs in 9.1 so to get objects (new, custom, standard)from an update package built in lower release? Any suggestion would be of great help. Thanks, Rohit
  12. Purchase Order header record missing

    Hi All, We recently faced a strange issue when purchase order was generated from purchase requisition. During this, record was successfully created in details table (F4311) but was not in header table (F4301). Can anyone please advise what could be possible causes of this? We are using...
  13. JDE crash with memory error

    Hi All, We are running JDE OneWorld Xe with Sp24.1.2. Database is on Oracle 10g with Unix as OS. We are facing a problem when user do Control + C to copy data from JDE to notepad (for reading purpose). As we do Ctrl+C, JDE crashes with memory error. This happens for Fat and Thin Clien both...
  14. JDE processes exclusion from Anti-Virus

    Hi All, I went through the posts in JDE List to find if there is any for exclusion of JDE processes for anti-virus. I found few suggesting folder exclusion. our IT group is not allowing exclusion of folders and requesting for specific processes that be put on exclusion list. We are on Xe...
  15. users kicked out from application

    sorry for delayed response. I noticed this time it reported indicating ntdll.dll . YEs we have build the global table spes and placed them on terminal servers. i had one of users replicating issue on fat client and capture eventviewer. PLease see attached screenshot. thanks for help in advance!