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    I hate this new format.

    LOL ! That was a LONG time ago I wrote that ! Well, we'll have to see how this new format is better ! Thankyou for everything !
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    Install workbench failing while creating Server Map

    Is the 32bit Oracle client installed and configured ?
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    Network architecture for JDE

    All of the JDE servers should stay in the same VLAN if possible to reduce latency and ensure performance.
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    Software will expire in 7 days

    Who would have thought that Jim Foos' dogs name would be so important 20 years later....
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    Oracle announced Premier support of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne apps 9.2 through 2030

    wow. Through to retirement. Theres some confusion though. In the actual document : but Is therefore "9.2 Continuous Innovation Release" a different product to "JDE 9.2" ?
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    MRP Finishing Late

    Makes sense. Work Orders are the "input" to MRP. Reducing the input will ensure that the processing takes less time. There are many ways to make MRP work inside of an expected time window. Many are common sense - - some are architectural and some are based on $$$$. MRP can always complete...
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    JDE with 64 bit

    The document is there - but its not available. Which is strange. Is this the big announcement ? Moving from 16bit to 32bit took a long time back in the late 90's. And that was pre-release. Delayed OneWorld being released by a couple of years. Given the fact that the "first post" was more...
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    9.1 Fat Client Through MPLS Connection

    I'll pipe in :) Your latency is far too high for a fat client setup. You need to continue using RDP to connect to a workstation that is local to the implementation, or other remote desktop "screen sharing". I like Teamviewer these days. Low Bandwidth and High Latency are all bad news for any...
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    Definition of I75GSTU in DD

    India Goods and Service Tax. Theres a large number of DD items that come with that ESU. My guess is that if you haven't gotten that one, theres a bunch of others also missing. You might want to go back to that ESU and "force" the ESU into your system, which would be the safest way to get the...
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    64 bit/32 bit error installing E1Local for a new Development Client Install

    Section 5.3 in the document you just attached states plainly : Steps 9 through 10 then provide information on synchronizing the tnsnames.ora between the 32bit Oracle Client and the 64bit OEE installed, and also ensuring that you update your path correctly. There are other EnterpriseOne...
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    Disabling all users

    There are a number of ways to achieve this. 1. create a "month end" Production environment - identical to JPD9x - just with a different name. Assign those "month end" users to a role that has access to the "month end" environment. Then, when you need to ensure month end is closed to usual...
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    JDE auto login

    Unfortunately its no longer a $0 license fee - as you need a JDETips account to access.
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    Is anyone going to OpenWorld in San Francisco

    Good luck finding them ! I try not to go to Openworld - I went one year and it was too much with 40,000+ people in one space. But have fun and don't forget to let us know anything important !!
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    JDE Server Manager not showing users for one of our web servers

    Your SMC probably had been running for quite some time. It might be worth evaluating a scheduled restart of the SMC Service - say once per month or so. That way you'll unlikely run into the issue again.
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    Accessing Web Version from a Mac using Windows 10

    Cathy - eventually, more and more, you're going to run into this. Support for older browsers and technologies will just disappear - and it will eventually be impossible for you to provision your older JDE properly. The actual Knowledge Document with this issue is here ...