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Recent content by Alex Blasenheim

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    Has anybody worked on the Single Use Accounts (SUA) Payment in JD Edwards?

    My very last client where we did a 9.0 to 9.2 upgrade, before I retired, had a customized report based on the R04576 which is printed after the JDE payment process. It was customized stripping data that was not needed and in CSV format. They emailed it to a dedicated representative at their...
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    GL Upload from Excel

    The external CSV is picked up in a shared but secured folder.
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    GL Upload from Excel

    One way to handle the multi-step z-file process is to create a custom program that reads the external data, parses, scrutinizes and then populates the z-file table. It then calls the z-file processor (and version) which in turn creates the journal entries (F0911). In the initial stages of...
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    Import data to Jde e1 9.1 on iseries

    The batch processor for z-file is for open invoices only. You will need to look at autocash. Read the manual.
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    Import data to Jde e1 9.1 on iseries

    Whatever way you do it off-premise, be sure to populate the z-files on-premise and use the standard JDE program that reads and processes the z-files.
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    Period 13 and 14 in GL to Track Audit Adjustments

    Rauf Muhammed, Yes, it is possible and common to create future transactions although unlikely that far in advance. If you are certain of making the change in the fiscal date patterns you will need to void (or delete) and post the voids any transactions in period 12 with GL dates of the last two...
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    Period 13 and 14 in GL to Track Audit Adjustments

    You can change the period dates you have specified. If you decide to do this you must be sure there have not been any posted entries already made with the Julian dates in those last two days. If so you may end up having integritiy issues. Clients of mine have chosen to track audit adjustments...
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    Batch Journal entry uploads

    It sounds like you are OK. I cannot see your screenshot. Once a line item is processed, it is flagged so that it cannot be processed again. Your new batch was probably combined with a processed batch when you accidentally "didn't change a line in a new upload..."As long as the ultimate journal...
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    Receiving a target exception inquiring on a 19000 line transaction.

    A 19000 line transaction tells me you are going about this wrong. I’ve converted millions of records but they were always broken down into meaningful batches. It’s far easier to handle thousands of small batches especially when it comes to fixing the errors. Tom is correct, smaller sets of...
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    Implement Finacncilas on 8.12

    The standard is to upload open payables and open receivables through zfile processing. Since you are uploading GL transactions the journal entries will include all the revenue and expense entries from the receivables and payables. The Oracle white papers should do the trick for Fixed Assets.
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    Update chart accounts in F0901 by SQL

    There is an existing and very powerful program that can correctly create massive amounts of accounts based on several different types of options. If you have to use SQL you will need to increment the AID field based on the F0002 next numbers. You REALLY need to know what you are doing. I don’t...
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    Does Oracle provide system updates to the fixed asset system for tax law changes?

    My client is calculating bonus depreciation using a 3rd party software. They want to use EnterpriseOne (9.2). They do not want to change/create the rules everytime the requirements change. Does Oracle provide software updates on regular basis for this?
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    Intermittent Check Printing failure

    One of my clients had this problem a couple years ago. We over-thought the issue at first. It turned out to be a defective ink cartridge. The client even got their money back from the ink vendor!
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    Activating Multi Currency in a Non Currency environment - E1 9.1

    It's been a number of years since I've done this. I think it was OW B7333, that's how long! I distinctly remember one issue we had to fix via SQL: All records must have a blank currency code prior to running the Load Domestic Currency code program. I did a quick query on this forum and someone...
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    Suppress inter-company entries for one batch

    I'm not in front of the application but I believe from the batch review screen there is an option if you have the security, to override the creation of the intercompany entries.