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    Consumer BSSV timeout when run for first time

    Hello Friends, I am having issue with consumer BSSV. I have created bssv to consume next number from third party system and it is working fine. But in peak business hours it is getting failed to get the response first time (time out error). Second and subsequent time it is ok. Same issue is...
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    Integration of JDE WorldSoft A7.3 with a Third party System

    Hello Bob, Thanks for replying, but I could not find any post related to my query for this Release. Can you please help if you have any information. Thanks, Akanksha
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    Integration of JDE WorldSoft A7.3 with a Third party System

    Hi Friends, I need a urgent help, client is using JDE WorldSoft A7312 version and we need to integrate the Sales Order management module with Third party system. So basically we need to extract data from JDE and Import to JDE after processing in Third Party. My Questions are:- What...
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    Inserting a BLOB in a Table

    Can Somebody please share the code to read and write data into BLOB field in a custom table. The BLOB field is also custom. Thanks in Advance!!!!
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    C bsfn

    Hi Babu, I have a similar requirement. Can you please help me, what did you do for this? Thanks, Akanksha