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    Server Job number of running UBE

    Hi All, Can I get info about BSFN Get OneWorld Job Number, the parameters needed for this to work? I am fetching the execution host name from the Audit info BSFN, but quite unsure if it would work. Because if I check in WSJ the host name is same for all the jobs which is the enterprise server...
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    PO Change Orders and Media object

    Media object entry & PO Change Orders I have a request from the users regarding the entry of PO Change Order Revisions and entry of the Text Media Object window. As it is today, when you enter a Revision, E1 already will automatically pop-up the Text Media Object window so that you can "enter...
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    PO Change Orders and Text Media Object Window

    PO revisions I have the same requirement. GT4301A <Exist> doesn't work. What is the alternative?
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    PO Change Orders and Text Media Object Window

    I have the exact same requirement.What code changes do I need to make for making sure the Media object text is not blank. I tried to use corresponding system function GT4301A <Exist> but it doesn't work. Is there an alternative to achieve the result ?