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    Fetching all records

    Thanks for the response. But why I need to make this change. Isn't it should be by default?
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    Fetching all records

    We notice some of our applications fetch all records when click find instead of showing 25 records first. Is there any setup to restrict or its a bug? Thanks AD
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    Dev machine and CNC machine

    Hello there Can anyone explain what is the main difference to both above machines? I see only that the CNC admin machine should have all environments installed and the Dev machine only DV. Any recommendation from Oracle or how you setup in your organization?
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    Integrity report issue R09705 account balance

    Hello there. Is anyone has script to find which transactions are bad due to toggle flag in "Post Balance by Currency" in company constant which caused duplicate issues in f0902 or any UBE which can fix that. Thanks
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    Thanks JDE Agree with you unless there is new tables introduced etc
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    Yes I looked the RDA compare tool, it only works for me to compare with .par. the object lib compare not working. so download par files and compare. Also there is no report to print the comparison so I have take screen shots :). But overall pretty cool! i still thinking don't change to...
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    Thanks Jolly I will take a look.
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    Don Thanks yes they are copied from JDE supplied object. I think I should go that route you mentioned. Other question , I can compare ER but is there a way to compare Template ? Thanks in advance.
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    Best practice custom UBE.

    Hello group. We are upgrading from 9.1 to 9.2 and we have couple custom UBEs e.g R56xxxx. We brought those successfully to our new environment. Now question is do you just keep using those in new environments or compare with new original JDE object and add all new changes to it. ?
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    How to generate report on license numbers and modules used

    Nice thread. I believe you have to scan transaction tables for each module to find if any users has a entry for last 12 months Love to see if anyone has done that as there are many modules and tons of transaction tables for each module etc. Thanks
  11. A Change Assistant Errors

    There is always something going on with CA. (mostly changes from Oracle) I called multiple times, they have no idea and no solution at all, What I have solved this kind of issue is to reinstall CA, JAVA latest version (kept the old Java), install VS 2017 distributor (to avoid other errors)...
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    9.2.4 -- it is here!!

    Is this means Orchestrator Studio is run in IBM Websphere?
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    JDE Server restart sequence

    Hi James You just need Entd restart and then Webd. You dont need to restart Deployment server.
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    PO Receipt Date

    Hi Group I have a request to find if there is a way to users to warn if they trying receipt PO in January instead of previous year. They usually don't change Receipt date and take the default date which would be January in first month of each year. P4312 ZJDE0001 W4312A Not sure if I have to...
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    Browser Add-Ins for TR9205

    hahahaha. who ever design JD Edwards control paid by MS as they used loved IE :)