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Recent content by Abhishek Chhajer

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    Hyperlink inside RDA

    Use Embedded BI Publisher
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    User cannot access Favorites or Navigation in our QA environment

    Is the same browser used for both env? Check if the menu tables F9000 are up to date in QA
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    P95620 - 'From' Email address change for BI Pub. What additional config is required?

    Not sure if it helps but my experience with From Address is that you key in whatever you want in the email format. It need not be a valid email address. Important field is To Address which should be valid and your Email rules must allow emails outside your company domain. Track the delivery...
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    Set Focus on a Grid column of Selected Grid Row.

    No function available to set focus on grid column Try below 1. Set focus on grid 2. OK button properties should be checked to go through all grid rows
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    How to release Form Extension? (UDO)

    In that case, you need to take help from admin and get the token released. Most probably it will be in default project of user who modified (web OMW). It will work similar to an OL object Dev life cycle.
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    How to get UBE status using JDE Orchestrator

    You need to get the job Id of executed job so that you can check via Orchestrator through a DB request..best way will be to insert Job I’d from Job into a custom table and then use same to inquire into Job Master
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    P03B102 Web client exception

    Is this a customisation or out of box functionality
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    Excel Plugin for BI Publisher

    What is the scope of that variable from a from each perspective? Is it in same group?
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    Excel Plugin for BI Publisher

    I have been using it and needless to say works perfectly fine for me. You need to make sure you redo the table scope whenever you add new column. Plus you can always test it locally for such issues.
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    Ship Confirm bsfn - F42UI05 Edit line and End Doc

    Replicate application logic by looking at logs and parameters. This is the best approach to mimic. Remove and make edits based on parameters required. There is no other easy way to do this.
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    P0030A Bank Account Number-Customer (CBNK) size

    Create a custom Tag Table that will maintain the extra chars. Customise your application logic to include this table.
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    Print a duplicate table containing check details on same page.

    I have done a very similar requirement as part of some work. Feel free to reach out at abhichhajer@gmail.com
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    Any known issues with Orchestrator 3.0.x

    Is there any restriction/limitation on Orchestrator 3.0.x with respect to Custom Objects? Are they supported? Has anyone faced any challenge? I scavenged Support but don't see anything documented.
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    BI PUBLISHER - Send every different page to a different customer.

    Use bursting with dynamic data on Customer number.