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  1. UBE Submission from a Calling UBE should not write to the Submitted Jobs file

    List, I need to call another UBE from a running UBE. I need to call the second UBE several times. Is there a way to suppress seeing the job on the Submitted Jobs list or not write to the F986110 table? Note: I cannot convert the second UBE to an NER. Thank you. Arnel TR 8.98.43 APP E900
  2. Data Encryption (i.e. PGP Encryption)

    Does JDE EnterpriseOne have any built-in Data Encryption capability? We have to create outbound files which contains confidential information that we need to encrypt this for security reasons. Any advise or help is appreciated. Thank you. Arnel TR 8.98.43 APP E900
  3. SL Date Today

    Thank you for the response. This happens both on the server and the local web. The date is correct on the Get Audit Information. Thank you.
  4. issue submitting UBE's

    Re: issue submitting UBE\'s We upgraded to over the weekend but we have to rollback not because of this issue but because of some bugs in the RDA tool. Apparently there are still a number of issues with this Tools Release that it might not be worthwhile to upgrade to this at...
  5. SL Date Today

    I would like to understand where the System variable of SL Date Today is comiing from. We have a situation where after 4 p.m., the value return of this System variable is already the next day. Thank you for your help. TR E900
  6. BI Publisher AP Check Print (multiple pages)

    We are using BI Publisher to print our AP Checks. If the checks are multiple pages, we need only to print the actual check on the bottom of the 1st page. If there are more pay items to be printed on the 2nd page, the bottom portion (check) should print VOID (and not print the signature lines...
  7. Need help with adding data to a section...

    I encountered a similar issue. I have two repeating sections that are in sequence with one another. The first repeating section maps out fine in Create!Forms (prints the repeating lines). The second repeating section has a problem. It puts all the repeating lines in just one line (one right...
  8. I want to use a Clickable Print Button

    Did you get this to work? I am having an issue when you print, the exit buttons are not working anymore. Thank you.
  9. How to add an image in a Application Form

    Hello List, I needed to add an image (Insert Image) in a form. I don't have any problem doing this on designing the form. But when I test the application using the web dev local client, the image does not show up. Is there place I need to copy this image into to get this to work? Thank...
  10. Create!form

    ralphm, Can you please tell me how you are printing a static "Terms and Condition" at the back of the Purchase Order? Thank you.
  11. How to Create a Text Page in Create!Form

    Hello List, We have a Create!Form for our Purchase Order Print. I am using a Project Background (with the company logo). I need to print an extra page in Create!Form for the "Terms and Condition". I need this to print for every Purchase Order but without using the the Project Background. Any...
  12. I want to use a Clickable Print Button

    Where do you usually enter this code? Is it in the event rule of the newly inserted pushbutton? I tried doing this and I cannot see any possible entry for the 1st parameter of "ADD SEGMENT" System function which is "Text Control" Thanks! E812 8.98.6
  13. B0900601 - Process Automatic Bank Statements Flat File - BAI2 Format

    Hello List, Has anyone of you used the UBE R096001 (Process Automatic Bank Statement)? I am getting a Memory Violation error in Business Function B0900601 (Process Automatic Bank Statements Flat File - BAI2 Format). Any ideas why? Thank you! E812 8.98.6