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Unsupported File Type (One Attachment Manager)

Adam (DF)

I'm having some trouble with the One Attachment Manager. I am getting the error "Unsupported File Type" for several files, but I'm not sure why. It seems to be mostly for excel files, but not just excel. I have attached a more extended log file, but here are some examples from the log. The thing that's confusing is that with the one work order, it gives an error on one PDF file and extracts the other one:

Processing: "GT4801A/146086"...
Found a wrong attachment of type: 0
Found OLE attachment: "\\nawrcs-bbadm\ADMApps\JDE MediaOBJ\OLEQUE\OLE-E3D052D4-719F-4091-A381-6B327E864168.stg|0|f4447256.pdf" (f4447256.pdf)
ESI OAM ERROR: unsupported file type (3): ".PDF" {0003000C-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
Found OLE attachment: "\\nawrcs-bbadm\ADMApps\JDE MediaOBJ\OLEQUE\OLE-E3D052D4-719F-4091-A381-6B327E864168.stg|1|97 FIRE PUMP MANUAL.pdf" (97 FIRE PUMP MANUAL.pdf)
Found/Extracted/Saved OLE File: c:\MediaObjectsExtract\GT4801A_OLE\GT4801A_146086_97 FIRE PUMP MANUAL_1.pdf
Found a wrong attachment of type: 0

Processing: "GT4801A/146931"...
Found a wrong attachment of type: 0
Found OLE attachment: "\\nawrcs-bbadm\ADMApps\JDE MediaOBJ\OLEQUE\OLE-74F6EFF6-EBB4-49BB-AFBE-EB622463BDC7.stg|0|Chain-Strap-Buckets - 1 year.xls" (Chain-Strap-Buckets - 1 year.xls)
ESI OAM ERROR: unsupported file type (1). Data: "Ole


Is there something I have configured incorrectly, or is there something I can do to get this to extract all of these files?

Please, forward me the offending STG files by e-mail. You will likely need to ZIP them, due to size.

The behaviour you are observing is due to the fact that the same kind of file can be added to an STG file in a number of different ways, each of which has to be treated differently, hence some combinations may not have been implemented yet - you are, in fact, the very first user of OAM with STG support ;-) This is not a big deal, though - we will add any such missing processes as soon as we receive enough info from you...