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Tips/Traps - X00022

OK - Call me stupid (cuz, I'm sure the rest of you learned this on Developer Training, Day One)...

I'm attempting to use X00022 to create a Unique ID for a Business Function in a report. For whatever reason, I'm not getting a value and it is crashing (ok, saying 'Error', then proceeding).

I turned on logging - oh hail the chief, I see the mistaken direction of my ways:
JDB9910006 - Read Only Report, Fetch for update not executed
JDB9910020 - Read Only Report, Insert not executed

Wow - I had never considered that the UKID Function would not work on a Read Only report! I guess I'd better make this 'simple' little read report an Update report....

Now you know what I know (and you probably, already, knew it)....


that's a nice one. surprised me as well at 1st. but come to think of it, it does make sense though: it needs to keep track of the unique id to issue, so it needs to be stored in some table i presume. i just checked: F00022.

ps: these kind of things make me choose "update report" by default when creating a new report, even if i'm not planning to do any table i/o.
Hi Daniel,

More years ago it made me hard hours and head ache - that time with Get Next Number. Moreover, there were Transaction Processing over F0911 and some other table. The first symtom was, that the transaction always rolled back. I made this UBE from a copy of a similar of mine. I had never seen before Update report option on the UBE copy form - I think, it was a new feature after SP upgrade. Digging down, I detected, the Get Next Num and later Insert always faild - and because I hadn1t known this feature, it was hard to find the real cause and figure out, how to solve it.

By the way, it makes sense that Get Next UKID does not work in a Read Only report - because it should update the UKID table.




Another place where you need update reports checked is in Financial reports that create journal entries. I understand that creating JEs is an update, however the process creates a batch of unposted JEs that have to be approved and posted like any other batch. There is no update being made to a control table. Also, the developer does not enter any code to do table updates, all the code is in the JDE supplied smartfield.