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Table columns from 2 different sections


Hi Folks,
I have BIP template for R30460 - BOM Print. The reason I am developing the rtf template is users want to see all the fields in the columnar format including Drawing number all in 1 line. On the report, it print on second line and so makes is not so-readable.

So all the details are coming from Component_line_S21 section whereas Drawing number is coming from Detail_line_S23. The challenge is to have all data in 1 single line.
in the rtf template, in the table, I have 2 for each group, 1 for first 8 columns (section Component_line) and 1 more for just drawing number (section detail_line)
I tried absolute path for drawing number mapping but its repeating all the numbers on each lines.

Is there any way I can get drawing number on the same line.

Any help is greatly appreciated.