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slow BV's


slow BV\'s

System: Xe, NT Enterprise server, SP13, SQL Server

I'm working on a system that is slow when I try to access BV's. All environments seem to be affected. It doesn't matter whether I select P98305 in the menu or type BV in Fast Path.

On other systems with similar configurations typing BV and hitting ENTER gets instant results. Here a regular fat client takes about 5 seconds and the Citrix box takes 30 seconds before the selection window comes up. I'm aware of solutions like the OWDEVELOPER group. Added that and it didn't make any difference. I checked all logs (set it to debug mode) and I get no information showing what it might be trying to do that takes so long.

We're building new full packages and will deploy them tomorrow, but I'm looking for any suggestions that we might not have thought of yet.

Got any?


Mike Wade
5550 Triangle Parkway
Suite 200
Norcross, GA 30092
email: mwade@cdgroup.com


Re: slow BV\'s

Check the indexs on the F983051.

Look at the queries in the jdedebug.log. See if there is a delay between the launch of the SQL statement and the next line in the log. This shows a delay at the SQL server.

Take the query from the log and execute it through query anaylzer to get an execution plan. Check the plan to see if it's scanning or using an index.

Hope this helps.


David D. Helsley, Inc.
Xe, Unix Sp16.1, Oracle/MSSql, TSE
Re: slow BV\'s

Hi Mike,

Did you check if that Client has the SQL SERVER ODBC connection using TCP/IP instead of Name Pipes which is the default. That would slowdown the response.

Adrian Valentim
Valmatrix Consulting Inc.


Re: slow BV\'s


I'm unclear on what you mean. Which is faster; named pipes or TCP/IP?



David D. Helsley, Inc.
Xe, Unix Sp17.1, Oracle, TSE, Web, CustomWorks
Xe, W2K, Sp17.1, MSSql, TSE


RE: slow BV\'s

I will hazard a guess that you are running McAffee on your Terminal
Server. Switch it off (at the service level) and observe the
performance improvement. It may also cause your OW logon to take
Kieran Fitzgerald