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Security permission on createform folder.


Dear All,

I have a question regarding the security access which should be provided to the createform folder.

Version: 7.0
Plug-in version: 7.0.200

In our setup we have “everybody” with full access on the folder. We have seen in couple of instances that if a user tries to uninstall the Plug-in from their workstation it deletes a few files (mainly systemResource/barcode/) files from the server. This is because in the registry of the users’s workstation the Createform server is being pointed in the Path value.

Has anybody have any experience with deletion of the files above while un-installing createform Plug-in from user workstation.

The printers/users atleast need write access to createform/temp folder. How do we lock in this folder to make it more secure.

Any inputs will be hugely helpful.


Mark Horton

Here's a breakdown of permissions needed:

Plug-in on Client Machine:
user requires read write access to the c:\Program Files\Create!form\Temp directory.

PC where raw PDF resides:
Plug-in user requires read and write permission to the location of the raw jde pdf document.

Create!form Server:
Plug-in user requires read permission to the Create!form Installation directory and the Form Project Directory

When installing on a Citrix Server you need to allow all plug-in users Read/Write access to the <Plug-in installation directory>/Temp directory.
(usually c:\program files\Create!form\Temp)

I have also seen when uninstalling the 7.0 plug-in, it will completely remove the barcode dictionary files (*.dct) in \SystemResource\Barcode on the server.

This should not be occuring, a call to Bottomline should explain why this is happening.