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PO Commander shows versions as having corrupt PO's.

PO Commander shows versions as having corrupt PO\'s.

We ran Everest's PO Commander over a UBE, all versions,
and are getting the message that versions have corrupt PO's.

We are seeing this in XE and in 9.1.

I don't have access to the PO Commander, nor any documentation, and am looking at the pdf.

Can anyone, perhaps Alex, tell me what/why the product feels they are corrupt?

Please AND Thanks

XE going to 9.1
Re: PO Commander shows versions as having corrupt PO\'s.

This is generally not the right forum, we have a dedicated one. And sending messages directly to us is also probably a faster way to get support.

Anyway, this means that the PO values do not match the PO DSTR, which typically happens when you install Updates & ESU's, which would replace the PO DSTR's along with the UBE's & Versions, but not update the stored values.

This would be reported in the ESU PDF's as a WARNING as well.

Many standard Versions can be corrupt in this way in the new installations too.

To fix, open PO, check the values and Ok the screen - this will re-save the values in the correct order and PO Commander will see that as well now.

Please, let me know if it resolves this issue...
Re: PO Commander shows versions as having corrupt PO\'s.


I overlooked the Everest forum when I posted.
Apologies for that. I'll go clean my glasses.

Working with the PD listing, I've noted that those "corrupted" as missing values.
I'm guessing that these versions were created before a p/opt was added to the template.

Following this assumption, I'm going to guess that the DV 9.1 versions,
which were created from scratch after the UBE & P/opt templates were copied from vanilla,
have a similar issue.

Regardless of what I find, I will let you know.

By the way, thanks for all the wonderful tools you've created over the years.


XE to 9.1 uprgade
Re: PO Commander shows versions as having corrupt PO\'s.

Yes, quite probably.

"Corrupt" may sound a bit harsh, "incosistent" may be a closer term, but anyway: they may actually work the way they are in most cases, but as the values do not match the PO DSTR, there's generally no telling how JDE is going to interpret the missing values and then they could cause real grief. so best to be on the safe side and have them reviewed/fixed.

Thanks, Gene, much appreciated!