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OWDLC, Windows 10, JDE 9.1, Failed to Clear the Log File


Hi Alex,

OWDLC works almost fine on Windows 10 - you can turn debugging on/off, open jdedebug.log file, but for some reason it fails to clear the logs. I'm getting the following error message:

Failed to clear the log file!!! (0)


I'm running owdlc with local admin privileges. Logs are stored in c:\logs.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Strange, are you running it As Administrator? Do you have the Debug Programs permission? Can you try disabling UAC and antivirus?

Version 10.4 actually fixed some compatibility issues around this function for different versions of Windows, including W10, and it does actually work for me under W10. I wonder if this could be a Locale thing, or some unusual setting somewhere.


Thank you for answering.

I do run it as an administrator.

I'm sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by "Debug Programs permission". I can debug JDE UBEs/APPs/BSFNs just fine, and jdedebug.log is being created and populated correctly (for both web and windows client) whether I turn logging on using owdlc or manually modify jde.ini. The problem is only with clearing the file.

I can't disable UAC or the antivirus as I have some restrictions on my computer based on the domain policy. However, the same domain policy/same antivirus doesn't prevent OWDLC from clearing the log file when running on Windows 7.

Is there anything like debug.log for OWDLC I can send to you?
Version 10.5 will fix this issue.

PS: Unfortunately this depends on some undocumented Windows ID's and they keep changing them indiscriminately, so this issue may re-surface again and again. If anyone else has this issue, please e-mail me directly and we'll sort it in no time.

The new version 10.6 would now prompt the user to send us a message if it encounters a new variety of this ID, so that we can use it in the newer builds. Otherwise we may never see some of these ID's...