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OS/400 upgrade to V5R4

We are contemplating upgrading our AS/400 from V5R2 to V5R4. Has anyone running JDE OneWorld 8.9 or better upgraded the operating system and if so what issues came up?


We just upgraded to V5R4 from V5R2. We had to apply SP23_O2 as required. SP23_O2 broke the formscape interface and the fix was in P1 so we applied P1. There is a big issue with P1 on the iSeries. Currently, no jobs that have JOBQUE field in Version Details specified are submitted to the server. You can see the jobs in W status in the submitted jobs screen but they are not in the AS400 jobq. JDE is aware of the issue and has put the SP23_P1 for the AS400 on hold.
We are at EnterpriseOne 8.10 Update 1, with Tools Release 8.95_I2 with Windows HTML 5.02 users and Citrix. We recently upgraded our hardware and OS version from V5R2 to V5R4. The only issues we encountered was some newer cums that we did not have at the time and some internal customizations. Once we got to the most recent PTF/CUM6192 and tweaked our internal customizations it was ok.

F Rushmer

Hi Cherry

On the formscape issue, Are you refering to the OSA Inferface not being defaulted in for the report. If so, it only affects you if you are running the reports locally on the fat client. It works correctly when running reports in batch on the enterprise server. If this is the issue I would consider going back to SP23_O2 and just make sure everything runs on the enterprise server.


We are planning to Apply SP23_O2 or P1 so that we can upgrade WAS6.0
We are also using FormScape
Can you let us know what problems you expereince with SP23_O2 and whether they fixed in P1?

Your help really appreciated.
Currently we are running E1-812 tools release 8.96 on i570 V5R4, with webserver WAS60 on the same machine. We upgraded our old system i550-V5R3 to i570-V5R4 and moved data. Now almost 1 month completed till now no major issues. Only one thing you make sure that all jde recommended PTF levels are maintained. Go to http://www-912.ibm.com and get details.