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OneWorld Information Tool


Retrieve structures for views/tables/datastructures/forms/reports etc.

Retrieve data from tables or views into CSV, optionally using data selection.

View data dictionary information.

Retrieve processing option data.

Run applications/forms/UBEs/TCs/BSFNs.

Use ow.zip for B7333/XE.
Use ow89.zip for 8.9 and above.


What are the changes? I think U could have to precise all the changes in a change log file each time U provide a new version

Thanks for your great work
Tanks for this tool. This helped me a lot for documentation. It would be great if we can also get the data selection set on the UBE and the versions. if anyone has a tool that does the search for dataselection, please let me know.


I've downloaded the latest version, but when I run the XE version I get a message saying "OW Info has expired". Where do I get the latest version?

I'm on B7333 SP23


I'm still working on a couple of new features like extracting data selection and sequence from versions. I'll post that version when it finished (and hopefully fully tested).

This version will keep you going for the rest of the year.


Latest versions.

This zip contains ow.zip and OWInfo.msi

ow.zip contains executables, readme, help and version history.

OWInfo.msi is a Windows Installer Package that will install/uninstall OWInfo, shortcuts and registry settings.

Both contain the same executables, ow.zip is included if the installer doesn't work or if you want to put the executables on a network drive or if you don't want to use installer.



Excellent Work. YOu have created a fantastic Tool, that helps every one working with JDE.
Good luck for next one. Create an another beauty
Thanks & Regards,Gov


Version expired again!

Any chance of a new version? As we found out last time, emailing me doesn't work. The joys of Exchange filtering things out....

Why do you make the versions expire? I'm sure you have a good reason, just curious.