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JDE Object Browser 2.0

(This was posted in the "Developer/Programmer" forum, but figured most users hang out here ;P )

We have a beta version of JDE Object Browser available at

This build was done using Visual Studio 2017, so you will need the Microsoft Redist. Package installed. A link is provided on the download page.

No new functionality other than a couple of bug fixes, but we now support a 64Bit developer client. Choose your required architecture when downloading. (64 Bit requires TR 9.2.3)

This is somewhat of a interim release, as we plan to rebuild the tool from a fresh VS 2017 project. But in order to get x64 support out ASAP, the existing code was upgraded to a 2017 project and tweaked from there.

thanks, and as always, we appreciate any and all feedback.

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Always look forward to new releases of your tools.
One small suggestion, when saving a workspace can it default to what it was .., I use them quite a bit, and sometimes have multiple versions of the same workspace

Sorry what I meant is the "name" of the workspace. When you "save the workspace" it would be great if it remembered the name of the one that was open. I have quite a few ones saved with similar names. They are great since they save the filters etc,,, Huge time saver.

Another quick favour,,, is it possible to autoformat the MCU fields, so I don't have to put in the leading blanks? - I know I'm lazy :)
Got it, thanks. For now, you can store a Default Workspace in Tools->Options. That will load the workspace when the application starts.