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FASTR Report Specs

I have a FASTR report that I created. I now want the fastr to pick up items that have a RC1 code in the General Ledger Reporting Cat Code 16 (UDC code 09 16). I have tried several of the Row Codes but have been unsucessful. I use one of the Business Unit Cat Code 25 and use Row Code CA and it works great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For something that appears so simple FASTR can be a pain sometimes.

I have not used FASTR for a long time and no longer have access to an AS/400 client to check and test for you so have a look at what I have jotted down below and then (sorry to say) fiddle about using a very small test group of accounts (maybe initially just one BU).

One of the most common problems is that either (or both) General specs or Column specs conflict with Row Specs. Without more detail specific to your problem here are some suggestions.

1. Make sure your General specifications select and sequence correctly for the accounts you want selected (ie make sure they don't select the wrong FY or account ranges etc. Do they?)

2. Check your Column specifications and make sure again that these do not inadvertently exclude what you really want selected

3. Have you attempted to list off a/cs with A/c cat code 16 so you can see exactly what should be selected? Use Query/400 or WorldWriter.

4. Row specs use the Row Code to indicate what you want - like RV for Reporting code value(s). The fold area is where you specify the actual code to usewhere the two "left" columns are for bu or cat code required and the right columns are for the account values or ranges. Example (from the User Guide) Row code = "CV" means you want to select based on BU cat Codes (Cost Centre values), then, in the fold area on the left "02" indicates it is cat code 02 you are using and EAS indicates you are selecting BU cat code 02 values EAS. Row Code RR is for a range of account cat code values, RV is for a list of one or more account cat code values.

5. The last thing I can think of is that there are 23 account cat codes and 30 BU codes. The manual in appendix A when listing available column type codes shows Account cat codes being values 51-73 where 51 = account cat code 01. Maybe, just maybe, you need to use 66 for account cat code 16.