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Credit Check - Open Order Amount


How does the "Open Order Amount" field get populated into the Credit Check screen, P42050? What would cause this field to never be totaled from open orders?

We're using the line of balance functionality in OW. The "Credit Limit" field is also being populated from the company 00000 credit limit in customer billing instructions. Why doesn't it populate by line of balance. Shouldn't it be coming from the customer billing instructions for the order company?

Has anyone seen this before? No we not have something setup correctly?

Walt Sellers
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.
OW B733.2 SP10, Citrix, Windows NT TS2000, Oracle 8.1.6


Hi Walt

In reply to your first question, the "Open order amount" field is read from the APRC field in either F0301 or in your case F03012. In an ideal world this value is automatically maintained by the Sales Order System and should equal the sum of all SHOTOT fields in the sales order headers. For various reasons (?) these fields can get out of sync. To re-calculate/correct these fields you need to run R42995 with the processing options 3 and 4 on the Process Tab set to '1'.

I don't know why the credit limit is not read correctly when "line of Business" is turned on. Have you tried a SAR search? At your release level there may well be some issues still with LOB as it was pretty new to B7332.


Sef van den Nieuwelaar
B732 on NT, XE on NT, B732/A73 on AS400, B733 on NT


Can you tell me how Sales Order Processing determines what doc types to include in this F03012.APRC amount? For example, in our setup, an SO's OTOT amount is included in F03012.APRC once the record is committed, but a quote (SQ) is not. Is this something determined in the P4210 processing options?



I am not 100% sure, but I believe it has to do with what bucket you are committing your order to. An SQ would normally commit to other bucket 1 or 2. This is controlled within the processing options of the sales order entry.