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Create!form Time Format


I've been asked to display a time in HH:MM PM format. I don't see an option for setting a time format in Create!form Designer. Is there a way to format time in Create!form? Or, do you recommend formatting the time how you want it on the JDE PDF?

Where are you getting the data for time from? You can probably make user variable logic to add AM/PM and format the time like you want

It's the promised delivery time field RSDT and it's on a custom UBE. But, JDE doesn't have a built in function for formatting the time like that either. So, I'm looking at whether I can do it in the Create!form, or if I need to write the logic into JDE.
So the time on the JDE PDF is just 04:20 or 4:20 (without indicating if that is AM or PM)? Or is it 04:20 and 16:20 and you want to make it display as 04:20 AM and 04:20 PM?
Originally, it was simply a standard JDE time HHMMSS. I ended up writing a JDE function to format that time in HH:MM PM format and putting it on the JDE PDF that way.