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Hi everyone!

We're thinking of buying Create!Email to go with our Create!Form software.

Does anyone know if you can use Create!Email to send raw, unmerged PDFs as well as those that have Create!Form layering? (i.e. can Create!Email serve as a conduit for all reports, Create!Form or not)

I'm 99% sure the answer is yes, but I need to know for sure.



Hi Tim,

Yes! Create!email can send "raw" unmerged JDE PDF's.

Your Create!email printer (defined in CformServer3) just needs to have "Action when no form project" set to "Print unmerged document".



I asked this question on the forum a few months back and Karen pointed me in the right direction as well. Yes, you can email documents that are unmerged with her suggestion.

Like you (it sounds), for most all documents (other than checks), we email the document to the person that initiated the "report" (like a PO print or a Sales Invoice) via a username/email address lookup. Users then can choose what to do with the document (print, forward, review online). Some of these reports have CreateForm overlays, others are just plain old E1 reports.

Many users still just View PDF on reports and get what they need but our need to email a "raw" E1 PDF came from users that have "long running" reports or have scheduled reports that run at night and they just want to have the report in their Inbox in the morning. On long running reports, they dont have to keep checking Submitted Jobs to see if it is done, they just wait for it to show up in their Inbox.

CreateEmail is a HIGHLY used tool in our organization now. With some minor mods to some payroll and AP functions, we also now are able to email employees their Direct Deposit stub and Vendors their EFT Remit Statements. Those departments cut down their snail mailing by well over half! That's a LOT of saved time and postage. As we push more employees to Direct Deposit and vendors to electronic payments (which we know THEY prefer), this number will only increase. By our accounts, we will likely be up to 80% by end of next year.

Mark Horton

Hi Tim,


Create!email can email raw PDF output from JDE as well as merged (Data w/ Electronic Form) output.

Its a setting on the email printer configured in Create!form Server 3.2 called 'print unmerged document'

Once enabled, the job will be emailed whether there is a form project or not.

Mark Horton