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Code Copy Cat - Limitations?

Hi Alex,

Is there a list of limitations for Code Copy Cat? Meaning, just a short list of Version Overrides that do not come across well?

If the Version Override includes Rows Specs on a Tabular Section - are you aware of any reason why the Descriptions would not transfer across?


It does 4 difefrent things:

- NER copy is all good;
- Bulk Versions copy is all good;
- Version Overrides is limited in that it brings across entire lots of overriden specs, i.e.: if a specific ER has been changed, then the entire target block of ER (event, or whatever) gets replaced and so there could still be things to touch up. Similarly, if the target UBE is from a different release, then some underlying bits like PO DSTR, etc. may be out of sync, making this copy somewhat pointless, unless it has all been done in the same source system _before_ an Upgrade (with or without Boomerang).
- Section copy is limited in that it must almost necessarily change the Section ID, which means that if any other Sections were to refer to it in any way (and all references are by this ID), then these would get wrecked. This is perhaps the trickiest function in CCC to work with.

Does this cover what you were after?
Hi Alex,

Yes, that pretty-much is what I was looking for.

Some other irregularities I've come across - and it appears to be limited to only a handful of Version->UBE Copies:
* If in Version Override, the developer had deleted columns from a Columnar report - those overwritten (deleted) columns were re-introduced.
* If the Version Override introduced 'Rows' in a Tabular Report, the Text Description of the rows is empty. This does not happen across the board, most came across correctly, but - there were some that where missing some of the Row Details. I've been unable to determine the 'why'

Thank you for your help!