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CLI handles that are allowed by the AS/400 OS


It is regarding of the daily JDedwards Enterprise one outage. It looks as though the system is exceeding the limit on the number of CLI handles that are allowed by the AS/400 OS. My understanding is that the CLI handles are created by SQL calls from E1 and they are not getting cleaned up in a timely manner. If they exceed 80,000, then the system goes down. Please how do we solve this issue.
We are on E1 8.11 Service pack 1 and Db2/400 iseries.


What OS are you on? The maximum number of CLI handles on V5R3 is 80000. On V5R4 and V6R1 it’s been bumped to 160000, so one option is that you upgrade the OS.

Perhaps another option might be to use the Toolbox JDBC driver instead?



More info based on findings and deeper search on IBM InfoCenter.

The limit of 80000 CLI handles is per job on the V5R3 version of the OS. That means you have a single job consuming 80000 CLI handles! This definitely indicates there is a handle leak in one of the jobs using CLI (probably QSQSRVR jobs).

One thing that is not clear from your post is when you say that “system goes down”. Do you mean that as400 crashed or just that JDE application is non-responsive? I would hope that only that job dies, not the entire system.

To find which job is leaking handles and attempt to locate the offensive program(s) that causing the leak, you can use the QSQDMPHA program to dump the CLI handles suspected of leaks. This process is documented at this link (just search on QSQDMPHA):


Once you know which job/program is leaking the handles, perhaps you can do something about correcting the issue.