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Batch Ship Confirm

I need help setting up a batch ship confirmation process. Here’s the scenario. We are using a third party warehouse service to ship our goods to customers. We will to create an XML program to signal the warehouse that specific orders are ready to ship. After shipment, we want to automate the process of ship confirmation. The plan is to create an XML program that will pull shipping data from the warehouse system and update JDE by shipping the goods. We are not using transportation management.

I have been testing batch ship confirmation using R42500 and I cannot get it to work because I don’t fully understand how it is supposed to work. I had assumed that the XML program would write shipment data (serial number, carrier etc…) to the tables F47131, F47132. Then the batch programs would use those records to update the F4211 with any changes as well as ship confirm the lines via P4205. When I manually populate F47132 and F47131 and run R42500, it doesn’t confirm the orders or update F4211. Can anyone shed some light on how this is supposed to work? Do I need to update separate from batch confirmation? All ideas welcome!


Hi there
Out of the box, It is supposed to work like this
R42500 populates the EDI tables F47131, F47132 FROM F4211 and then calls R47500 to do the batch ship confirm
- R42500 reads F4211 and populates F47131/F47132
- R47500 reads F47131/F47132 and updates F4211

What you want to do is to populate the F47131/F47132 from XML and then call R47500 (Or use R42500 to populate the EDI tables and then change the quantities when these are known)

The problem is that R47500 does NOT ship confirm any lines where the quantities differ between F47132/F4211. (as it was apparently designed to be a very simple, "quick and dirty" batch process to ship confirm all lines "as is")

This is how we have done this at a customer site

1. When warehouse has shipped the order, we pull the necessary data to F47131/F47132 tables TWICE. We write the records to the EDI tables using two different EDI document types. The first EDI doc type is called "CO" for "Change Order" and the second is called "SC" for "Ship Confrm")
Both F47132 records contain the actual quantities ordered, shipped and cancelled as received from the warehouse

2. We then run R47131 (Update order quantities) over EDI doc type "CO" records to update (change) the F4211 quantities

3. We run R47500 over EDI doc type "SC" records to Ship Confirm the orders

Notice thas this does not split the lines and it works for us only because we never backorder any quantities. In case you need to do backorders, you would have to do it differently

Just an idea, have not tested this:
1. Write to EDI tables only once with EDI doc type "CO"
2. Run R47131 to update quantities to F4211
3. Run R42500 to populate F47131/F47132 tables again with the new quantities and let it process R47500 to do actual ship confirm.
this *should* work