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Base currency conversion for E1 9.0

Has anyone had any experience in converting the base currency for a company to another currency code? We are currently looking to change the base currency for one of our companies and I would like to get a better idea of what's involved in this process, as well as the typical time frame for this type of project. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Are you looking to go to multi-currency or just change the current going forward? either way it is a big deal. E1 has a series of update jobs that will take historical records and create your records in another currency, but it gets more complicated if you are using inventory as well. Can you provide some more info?
We currently have and use multi-currency. We are looking to change the base currency going forward for a couple of companies that are using the financial and distribution modules. I've reviewed Oracle's documentation on base currency conversions and it appears that they have created a series of programs for this process. However, the part that I'm unclear on is whether or not these programs address all the necessary files that needs to be converted or if additional custom programs/procedures are required. Also, I wanted to get a general idea of the time and resources required for a project of this scope... is this a 3-4 month project or does it require 8-12 months to plan and execute correctly? Any insight from anyone who has experience in this would be very helpful.

I'm going to list some items I hope can be helpful on base currency conversion topic:

1. It's extremely important to understand the functional / legal background of the exercise you are going to play with your JDE environment. Standard UBEs from JDE are going to convert data at a specific fixed date with a specific fixed currency rate. Here in Europe you sometimes have to maintain the history untouched, that means you would have either to duplicate you company (example: historical company 00030 will be converted into 00300) or to duplicate the environment / datasource (this is important to maintain the same company code and related setup, like AAI / DMAAI).

2. As far as I can remember (it's a long time I'm not working with them) standard programs are covering almost all standard tables and maybe you have to spend some time for custom or localized tables. Again: it's IMHO important the business logic is driving your process. For example you can use the conversion process to clean-up (archive) some tables and starts with a smaller set of data like you are used to when you move from a different software into JDE. This is extremely important for small currency rounding issues you cannot fix completely using standard programs (even with integrity report with update mode) and can lead to inconsistencies in your final database.

3. The timing of your project mainly depends on the skill of your team, and secondly from the number of modules / tables implemented. Your team should be aware of table structures involved and how JDE is handling currency and decimal places.
Example 1: it's much more difficult to change base currency when the new base currency has a different number of decimal places (for example from 0 decimal places to 2 decimal places).
Example 2: it's much more difficult whether the new base currency code needs a different currency conversion logic (see currency constant from multiplier-Y to divisor-Z or the other way round).
Example 3: most (finance) tables are pretty straight forward and the base currency follows the CO-Company field (see for example F03B11.RPAG field following F03B11.RPCO into the currency trigger logic). There are few exeptions like the sales order detail where for example F4211.SDAEXP follows F4211.SDKCOO and not F4211.SDCO (because in this table the Company field follows the Branch-MCU field, that's different within intercompany sales orders).

Kind regards,


Carlo is correct, a better idea is to preserve history as a separate company and then create a new company and then use it going forward. Depending on where you are in the fiscal month you will need balance sheet converted as of the last year and then the detail converted for the current fiscal year. You will probably use a different exchange rate for Balance sheet conversion vs the P&L for current year. There will be some exchange rate differences that you will need to adjust and park somewhere in the balance sheet.

I have only done it for a financial company so apart from FA do not know in detail what else could be required for Other modules.

Hi Kevin, would you please share how you were able to accomplish this? I need to do the same now! any info will be really appreciated.