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Bar Code Recognition of Outside Processing Item Numbers for dcLink

A couple years ago when I project managed the RF Smart- Oracle JD Edwards One World XE Bar Code Implementation for Haskel International in Burbank, CA., we were able to get the Purchase Order Receipt script to recognize the outside processing item numbers (i.e., 16501*OP20) by scan. Now since I am more of a functional expert than technical, I do not seem to recall whether the solution was rooted in the Intermec CK31 scanner configuration or the RF Smart script to read these "*OP__" item numbers seeing that most all bar code configurations utilize asterisks for recognition of the beginning and the end of a numeric value. Now at OYO Geospace we are on dcLink and we have been unable to resolve our inability to scan outside processing item numbers in our purchase order receipt bar code process. Any suggestions?
Terry, We support the WcBc (World Class Barcode) product but as much as I do not want to help DSI but I think this is not a software issue. This is a bar code symbology issue. Most of the scanners Intermec, Symbol have a scanner test and this will tell you the symbology of the Bar Code. There is a listing of valid characters for each symbology in the net. You will need to check against the * for symbology. For example Code 39 would have a problem with the asterisk and would read the barcode 1234567890*OP10 as item number 1234567890. So you might want to get outside of the application and in the scanner test for the Hardware platform and see how this is reading the barcode. This will tell if this is a software issue or just a symbology issue.