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Thread: PatWel ObjectBrowser is an excellent product

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    PatWel ObjectBrowser is an excellent product

    I've had the good fortune to beta test the next release of PatWel's ObjectBrowser. This came about clear out of the blue:

    Ours is a smallish shop and developers wear many hats, including the CNC and DBA flavors. Not having a dedicated DBA, some aspects of db maintenance have gone without the proper attention, so recently we obtained IDERA's Defrag Manager to help out.

    Here's the thing: we have noticed in the past that sometimes the SQL schemas for tables and indexes can get out of sync with the OW table specs. ...So, our manager has made this stipulation: before a defrag (reindex) window is run on a production database, first the OW spec must be compared to the SQL table schema. Then, after the maintenance window, the 'after' SQL spec must be compared to the 'before' SQL spec to assure no indexes were lost.

    Now, I've been a long-time user of Everest Software's OneAssist, which is an excellent product. However, I discovered that (at least, in our system) it occasionally misreported some minor aspects of the OW table specs, namely that sometimes the ascending or descending sort was not reported correctly. Too minor to worry about? Not in my case, because I also discovered a cute little undocumented feature of OW: the SQL Primary Key created by OW ALWAYS has all columns sorted ascending. But, if the defined Primary Key in OW has a mixture of ascending and descending sorted columns, OW creates a second extra index in SQL Server with the sort mixture. (BTW if all columns are descending, there is no extra index. Go figure.) So, with my requirement of matching index counts before the defrag operation can be turned loose, I had to have an accurate analysis, allowing for the occasional extra index situation.

    Figuring I had little to lose by asking, I emailed PatWel ( to see if a command-line feature was in their future plans for ObjectBrowser. It was less than half an hour when Craig Welton of PatWel replied: "Thanks for your feedback. You are the second person this week to ask for the same thing. It will be the next thing I work on. Would you be willing to help test it?"

    I really felt that here was a guy that cared about the users. I immediately replied that I would be honored to do so, and it wasn't long before he sent me his first pass. Because he had added this feature, I was able to develop a little VB.NET program that calls his program and then reads that output, counting the indexes and creating a SQL script file with which to load into a SQL table. Then, with other SQL stored procedures, I gather the SQL index counts, and compare them to the OW index counts by table.

    What could have been a recurring drudge of a manual job can now be totally automated.

    Kudos and thanks to Craig Welton and PatWel.

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    Re: PatWel ObjectBrowser is an excellent product


    Thanks for your warm feedback!

    This was an old bug from the original implementation by Brian, you are referring to. It was fixed some time ago - please try the latest trial to see if it works better for you. You did not receive the relevant update, because you are not on the Subscription.

    Additionally, there's actually a standard JDE UBE that does this checking - table specs, indices, everything. Only takes ~ 10 min to run, no need to develop anything. I always run it after an Upgrade to double check the consistency of the DB...
    Alexander Pastuhov

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    Re: PatWel ObjectBrowser is an excellent product

    Which UBE, may I ask?

    Regarding the mentioned bug:
    1: We are on OA 5.0. You've fixed it since then?
    2: In my comment I made the stipulation 'in our system' because we have found that in our environment (for whatever unknown reason) sometimes OneAssist does not act as it would in a perfect environment. In fact, you yourself were not been able to reproduce a bug I reported some years ago involving garbage strings in scripted Processing Options.
    3: Obviously, you as a developer cannot test your products on every configuration that could possibly exist, and as a developer myself, I find that completely understandable.

    I have by no means abandoned the use of OA. But I have gladly added PatWel ObjectBrowser to my toolkit.

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    Re: PatWel ObjectBrowser is an excellent product

    Had to look it up, could never remember this name: R9698711

    There's been a few 5.0's - 5.0a, 5.0b, etc. and it's now up to 5.1a.

    I cannot remember for certain, but I do recall looking at this or very similar issue about a year or so ago. There are frequently redundant fields in JDE and sometimes one can just pick one that looks right and works at the time, but then stops reporting the right data at some new release level, because it turns out that JDE treats another such field as the primary - of course, none are actually documented clearly anywhere.

    Thank you for your understanding! No worries, try the new release with your existing key - if it works, then you are all set, but if it's changed since, then you can upgrade any time you can...
    Alexander Pastuhov

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